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The Feminist No Borders Summer School: 15-18 June 2022

From 15-18 June this year, FAC (Feminist Autonomous Centre for Research) colleagues organised the Feminist No Border Summer School in a decentralised way, in the cities of Palermo, Heraklion, Berlin and Athens, in collaboration with Associazone Closer, de:border – migration justice collective, Legal Centre Lesvos, Sea of Solidarity, Kompass Collective, LasciateCIEntrare, Watch the Med – Alarm Phone (Women* On The Move). The Feminist No Borders Summer School offers a space for researchers, activists, artists and members of community organisations to meet, learn from each other and inspire each other to exchange experiences, strategies and struggles across and against borders. This summer school aims to displace the hegemony of academia as the primary site from which knowledge is produced and distributed. It also operates as an anti-racist and feminist space that seeks to challenge the divide between knowledge and practice and to intervene in the dominant ways in which borders are reproduced in academia, media and humanitarianism. From this space, alternative ways of learning, listening and speaking are practised among participants, prefiguring political communities through which to struggle collectively. This year, over the course of four days, meetings will take place in each of the local nodes but also in a hybrid and transversal way, to enable conversations and the exchange of experiences that connect struggles from different localities.