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UAB in the round table “How to decolonise the curriculum”

On 12 January, at 1pm, at the Faculty of Translation and Interpretation of the Autonomous University of Barcelona, a round table entitled “How to decolonise the curriculum” will take place. It will be moderated by Marisela Montenegro (UAB), coordinator of BRIDGES, and will also include the participation of our colleague Catalina Álvarez (UAB), along with other speakers such as Nizaia Cassián (UOC), a collaborator in the project, and Ester Mayoko (Tufts-Skidmore Spain). The roundtable will address the question of how to decolonise the curriculum based on the following questions: How to break with an Eurocentric teaching model? In what situations is it (im)possible? What does it mean to decolonise the curriculum? What aspects of teaching does it involve? In the face of transformation, what strategies and methodologies can we practice in the classroom? How can we apply counter-hegemonic pedagogical practices?

Registration can be found in this form until full capacity is reached.