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Urgent Reflections: Conversations about (de)confinement

From the Espai Avinyó, organized by the Barcelona City Council, three activities have been proposed to reflect on the implications of the Coronavirus pandemic on different areas of our lives: time, disease and work.

The third activity, next 25th of June, is a conversation titled “The Reproduction of Absences” has brought together Marisela Montenegro, BRIDGES coordinator, and Kali Sudhra, sex worker and performer, to discuss the necropolitical logics that intersect the lives of people during the crisis. In particular, the focus was put on how this situation has impacted the lives of sex workers and what demands should be made based on these experiences and social demands.

From an intersectional perspective, is it really accurate to say that COVID19 does not distinguish between social classes, “races” and genders? Or on the contrary, are we reproducing analytical frameworks and agendas for political and social action / intervention that are based on the absences of certain bodies and realities?