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Feminist No Borders Summer School

The BRIDGES’ partner Feminist Autonomous Centre for Research, in Athens, has been organizing the FEMINIST NO BORDERS SUMMER SCHOOL, which was scheduled for June 15-21. While the international meeting has been postponed until June 2021 due to the coronavirus pandemic, a virtual process involving researchers from all over the world has been initiated in the interim. This virtual alternative is imagined as a way to connect with each other at a time when physical distancing/social isolation/quarantine/lockdowns may entail a loss of intellectual and political community, and not out of any attachment to productivity or “business as usual.” At a time when borders are being reasserted in violent and even more naturalised ways as a means to manage the crisis of a pandemic, we think it is crucial to continue thinking and acting collectively against this system, and against the multiple manifestations of borders in everyday life, as well as the naturalisation of policing, militarisation, and surveillance as solutions to the global social health crisis.