You are currently viewing Multiplier Event (Virtual Lab) at Barcelona: 4/03/2022 “Can we decolonize the education?”

Multiplier Event (Virtual Lab) at Barcelona: 4/03/2022 “Can we decolonize the education?”

Last Friday, March 4th, the conference “Can we decolonize education?” took place in La Bonne (Barcelona), a meeting to collectively reflect on experiences, challenges and anti-racist pedagogical strategies.

The event, which was attended by about forty people, was organized by the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona in collaboration with the domestic workers’ union Sindillar, both BRIDGES’ partners. This conference is part of the public presentations (Multiplier Events) that the BRIDGES project consortium is carrying out in several European cities. The main objective of these events is to present the project’s Virtual Lab. First of all, the resources and materials available in this space were presented in order to make them known and promote their use among people and institutions involved in the field of education. This was followed by a debate among invited local initiatives that work with anti-racist pedagogies.

The participating initiatives were La Escuelita Antiracista, La Troca, el Espacio Popular de Jóvenes Alqua and the educational experience of Professor Nizaià Cassian, from the UOC’s Social Education Department and researcher of the CareNet group. The speakers presented their projects, as well as the strategies and challenges they identify in their daily work, and were able to exchange contributions and discussions with those attending the event. Finally, the dancer Bruno Ramri presented his workshop Danzas furiosas, sharing reflections and personal experiences about dance from embodied knowledge, and energizing an activity in which the participants ended up dancing. To end the event and to thank the attendance, a catering prepared by Sindillar was served. Soon, a small audiovisual compilation of this event will be available on BRIDGES’s social networks, so stay tuned and don’t miss it!