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Public presentation of the Virtual Lab at Giessen: 17/03/2022

One of the BRIDGES Multiplier Events dedicated to present the Virtual Lab took place in Giessen on the 17th of March at Lokal International, a Bar, Event- and Community Location almost entirely run by students of the Justus Liebig University. Due to the current situation of the pandemic in Germany, the event was held as a hybrid event allowing people to join online and in person. The participants attending from various German cities were activists, members of universities, educators, and political organizers amongst others.

The PAR-Giessen Team introduced itself, the BRIDGES project in general, and focused on the presentation of the Virtual Lab, introducing some basic concepts and pillars of the work at BRIDGES. Afterward, participants engaged in two of the exercises of the BRIDGES toolkit: the people who attended in person were working with the Academic Carousel, and the attendants online engaged in the Critical Thinking World Map. After doing the exercises and reflections in the smaller groups the event brought together the online and presence part of the meeting for a concluding reflection on the strengths, possible adjustments, and the applicability of the Virtual Lab. Additionally, the Multiplier Event profited from the contributions of the colleagues from PAR-Barcelona who were present in Giessen because of the Transnational Meeting that was held on the 18th and 19th of March.

We want to thank everyone who joined us for their engagement, great feedback, and for sharing how the content of the BRIDGES Virtual Lab could be useful for various kinds of educational practices.