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Next release! BRIDGES Toolkit

During the month of October, it is planned to finalize the BRIDGES Toolkit, which provides anti-racist and feminist tools and strategies for addressing and contribute to dismantling  structures of exclusion in Higher Education curricula. It will be useful for any instructor, in any field, at any EU higher education institution. It is also intended for cross-sectoral use by Civil Society Organisations and other institutions providing adult education programmes and staff training. BRIDGES Toolkit  seeks to create cracks in and transform the epistemologies, methodologies, and pedagogical practices through which knowledge is produced as an abstract theory, which is intrinsically based on colonial principles of rationality, universality and violence. Each tool emerged from discussions relevant to the local contexts and struggles. They share a common attention to anti-racist feminist pedagogies and methodologies, critically intervening on how racist and patriarchal systems of oppression intersect with the knowledge produced within the academy.