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The 1st of May with Sindillar

On the 1st of May, Sindillar, a BRIDGES partner, celebrated the day of workers by making a performance in front of the headquarters of the Promotion National Work institution. As part of their action, they read a statement. Here we share an excerpt of it and the link to the complete statement: “This first of May, as workers, we come to vindicate life and, consistently with it, the daily work we do. To vindicate the value of a historically feminized, invisible and precarious work, relegated to the margins of this socioeconomic system. To vindicate anger as a collective power, to perform our bodies and voices so that they vibrate in space, so that they reach other bodies and create alliances and resonances. ⁠⁠In these vibrations our struggle is rooted. ⁠Our voices have a lot to say and the silence time is up”.

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