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Virtual Transnational Meeting – Giessen

From May 7th to 9th 2020, the full BRIDGES team gathered virtually hosted by Giessen University to celebrate our Transnational Project Meeting and to advance and review the contents of the Tool Kit in light of decolonial feminist theories.

Wayne Young on ′′ decolonisation is not a metaphor ′′ was at the centre of the debate followed by many question, including: Can we use a decolonial framework in Europe as anti-colonial struggles continue? What does this involve for the issue of white privilege and extractivism of knowledge? What does it mean when decolonial becomes academic currency and publications? What about the complicity and reproduction of colonial power structures? What does institutional racism mean in higher education? What does it mean to transform education or develop a transformative education? At what levels or dimensions of higher education do barriers and obstacles appear and what strategies can we develop to build bridges that overcome them? What should we keep in mind to avoid causing damage when we try to create bridges with our work? What would be a decolonial feminist perspective in order to critique and to develop a transformative education proposal?