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Multiplier Event of the Toolkit in Athens

On Monday 14 June (8:30 pm-10:00 pm, Athens time), the colleagues of FAC Research organized the Multiplier Event dedicated to publicly presenting the BRIDGES Toolkit. Originally, this event had to happen in person but due to the Covid restrictions, it was changed to an online format, by Zoom. There, eight of the BRIDGES researchers from different partners (Deanna Dadusc (University of Brighton), Sandra Tejada M. (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona), Eugenia D’Ermoggine (Sindillar), Emilia Carnetto ( e.V), María Cárdenas (Justus-Liebig Universität Giessen), Shareen Elnaschie (Office of Displaced Designers), Aila Spathopoulou (FAC research), Marina Liakis (Za’atar NGO)) showed the contents and structure of the Toolkit, explained their different contributions to its elaboration process and debate about questions like these: To what extent is it possible to do antiracist, feminist, anti- and decolonial work within European and Eurocentric academic institutions?

Given the institutionalisation of “decolonial” as a buzzword, how can it be reclaimed and radicalised in conjunction with a no borders politics?

During the event, up to 97 participants connected to follow the presentation and there was a final space to share some thoughts with the public and ask some questions to BRIDGES representatives.

After the event, every participant received a survey to fill out with the aim of receiving feedback from them to help the BRIDGES team to reflect about the Toolkit and revise it.