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Expo UAB

On June 7th, 2021, the exhibition “Exposem El Racisme: Problematitzar el racisme és cosa de Totes”, curated by Ester Cecilia Chico, Cristina Fusté i Valentí, Óscar Gea Ortiz, Judit Puig Marín and Sandra Villegas Castells, as part of their internship at BRIDGES, ended.

This exhibition, which began on April 12ve at the Faculty of Psychology and then on April 27 at the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters of the Autonomous University of Barcelona, aimed to make the university community reflect on racism through different themes and activities. Through a visual installation, critical notions about racism as a structural problem were addressed. Also, this installation served to show and reflect how the university community participates in racism through their relationships and daily practices, by naturalizing ethnocentric imaginaries about the groups that are part of it.

Part of the material showed in this exhibition can be consulted on the exhibition’s Instagram profile.