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Mego Nerses Summer Workshops in Atlas Program (Zaatar NGO)

Zaatar NGO has been very happy and proud to partner with clinical consultant and psychotherapist Mego Nerses this summer, for a series of workshops on Trauma-Informed Care and Self and Community Care in the framework of the Atlas program, dedicated to the support of LGBTQI+ asylum-seekers and refugees.

On Monday, August 9 and Tuesday, August 10, Zaatar’s team joined the two last sessions of the training. After a first workshop dedicated to trauma and trauma-informed care techniques, the goal of which was to support traumatized beneficiaries in the best possible way and to act in a caring manner, Mego introduced us, on the second day, to self-care and community care practices, aimed at protecting oneself, both individually and collectively, from the consequences that can follow prolonged exposure to trauma in the humanitarian environment. We warmly thank Mego Neres for this collaboration, his kindness and this very interesting training. For more information you can contact him on his website, or participate in his online courses on