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Next FACR Feminist No Border Summer School: 15-18/06/2022

FACR (Feminist Autonomous Centre for Research), one of the BRIDGES partners, organizes the 5th annual  Feminist No Borders Summer School for the next 15th-18th of June 2022. This event provides a space of encounter, mutual learning, and inspiration for researchers, activists, artists, and members of community organisations to exchange experiences, strategies, and struggles across and against borders. As FACR says, “We seek to displace the hegemony of academia as the primary location from which knowledge is produced and distributed. It’s an antiracist, abolitionist feminist space that seeks to challenge the division between knowledge and practice and to intervene in the dominant ways in which borders are reproduced in academia, media, and humanitarianism. In the summer school, we practise alternative ways of learning, listening, and speaking to each other, prefiguring political communities through which we’d like to struggle.”

This year, the summer school will take place over four days in three physical locations: Palermo, Heraklion, and Berlin. There will also be a virtual node to facilitate the participation of those who are prevented from travelling due to the border regime (as well as other barriers). The themes that will be tackle this year are: Abolition, COVID borders/bordering through COVID and Positionality in research and activism. Deadline for expression of interest closes on 9 April 2022 (at 11.59 pm (UTC+3)). For more information, visit this link.