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There is no 8M without 30M!

On Wednesday 30 March at 10am in Barcelona, Sindillar, one of BRIDGES’ partners, will present the conference “Let’s talk about care and neglect: what to demand on 30 March?”, in the framework of the International Day of Home and Care Workers. This day aims to highlight the importance of their work and the problems they face due to the lack of social, political, legal and economic recognition. Historically, domestic work has been perceived as an activity that women have to offer for free, mostly in the intimacy of the private sphere. “Our sector has been displaced from the hegemonic concept of work, and we have been excluded from the formal labour sphere,” Sindillar’s colleagues explain. Currently, more than 95% of those working as cleaners and carers in private homes are women, and 60% are migrant women. It is estimated that around 200,000 domestic workers work in the black economy, without papers and supporting dependency in the worst conditions. That is why the Sindillar sisters invite us to be part of this 30M, recalling the first proclamations made in 1988, at the first Congress of Domestic Workers, held in Bogota, Colombia.