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Public Launch of the BRIDGES Course “Building Solidarities” in Brighton (10th Dec 2021)

On Friday 10 December we launched the BRIDGES course “Building Solidarities: Feminist and Anti-Racist Practices in Higher Education” with an event co-hosted by the Free University of Brighton and the University of Brighton, and coordinated by our coleague Deanna Dadusc. The workshop took place face to face at the Brighthelm Centre and 35 participants from both academic institutions and civil society organisations attended. The event took the form of a ‘practical workshop’. We firstly introduced the BRIDGES course to both Higher Education teachers and civil society practitioners, and we then engaged with some of the course materials within small groups. This way, the participants could focus on aspects of the course materials that suited their local context, and could understand how to adopt it and to adapt it according to their background and needs. In preparation of the workshop, we asked participants to go engage with some of the materials prepared for the Bridges course, in order to critically reflect on their teaching and/or learning experience before coming to the workshop itself. During the workshop, we then discussed some of the key reflections that emerged by creating collective mind-maps, and we then delved into a broader discussion on dismantling racism and Eurocentrism in higher education.