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Advancing towards the Toolkit

During these last three months, from April to June, we have been working on the development of the Tool Kit. It is already taking shape and we take the opportunity to share some progress with you: each PAR (Participatory Action Research) group proposed a series of concepts that articulate around them their short definitions, extended definitions, exercises, materials and references, and the process from which each of them was proposed. Some of the exercices’ titles are: “Racism isn’t going to change on its own”, “Critical thinking world map”, “Stories of structural racism”, “The identity game with objects”, “Remapping transit”, “What’s the power of your passport?”, “Crisis as appearance”, “What is normal?”, “White humanitarianism: a critique”, “What is the difference between solidarity and charity?”, “Mapping solidarity”, “Histories of solidarity”, “Fortress Europe”, “Everyday Border(ing)”, “The list”, “Manifesto for a no border politics”, “Lived experiences of detention”, etc… Are you looking forward to know more about them? In the following image you can see a map of the interrelationships between the concepts that make up the Toolkit.