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15th-16th November 2019: Kick-Off Meeting in Barcelona

During these two days, we built a common methodological framework based on Participatory Action Research and Narrative Productions, through which the Intellectual Outputs of the project will be produced. As we understand PAR, it is a methodology sustained by the principles of participation, problematization, empowerment, and reflexivity. Each PAR Group (composed of UAB and Sindillar in Barcelona; U. of Giessen and in Giessen; and FAC Research and Za’atar in Athens) will put these principles into practice as they work on BRIDGES. The project is based on a gradual deepening of the topics to be worked on by means of each Intellectual Output, which will be advised and evaluated by their users (students and future higher education instructors) as well as by the associated partners (organizations and institutions that work on discrimination in higher education and the broader society).