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Internal Workshop: “Constructing Activist Knowledge”

September 8th, we held an internal training workshop for the entire BRIDGES team, organized and facilitated by the Sindillar colleagues. The workshop, entitled “Constructing activist knowledge”, was dedicated to the methodologies of collective and collaborative work, following the experience of Sindillar facing intersectional oppressions. Starting from two practical exercises where we questioned ourselves about our favorite childhood dish and our favorite childhood and adolescence song, we started activating group conversations that helped us to show the transformative potential of putting the diversity of experiences, origins, languages or bodies at the center, as a motor for knowledge and action. The workshop concluded with a presentation of Sindillar’s activist work, which served to open a debate on how to put these concrete ways of knowing into practice in higher education. One of the most relevant and useful concepts that appeared was that of “mimopolitics” (affectionate politics) as a decolonial practice and corporal epistemology.