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Newsletter 8 – Q4 2021

Recently, we held a “Multiplier Event” in Brighton in the form of a Practical Workshop to publicly present the BRIDGES Course we have developed and to learn about some of the pedagogical tools the course offers. One of the participants sent us a message of thanks saying “I return to work, at the Medical School, after the weekend, with a feeling of solidarity from other people/academics/students in Brighton and a nice book with ideas and work to share”. And we want to share this message with you because we think it perfectly reflects the meaning of the BRIDGES project. After two years of work and with just over 6 months to go, we would like the activities and results derived from the project to generate those “feelings of solidarity” and create alliances with other people, teachers, students and groups that work together to make Higher Education a fairer and more equal space and experience for all. That’s why we invite you to stay tuned to our networks and upcoming newsletters for public calls and invitations to participate in our next activities. Below, you can already read some of the key dates and locations. Don’t miss them!

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  • Podcast episode on Europe preventing people from being rescued in the sea
    Our colleague from the University of Brighton, Deanna Dadusc, together with Hela, from Alarm Phone, have launched a podcast’s episode on how European coordination is increasingly directed at preventing people from being rescued and being brought to Europe, resulting in deaths at sea and pushbacks to Libya. You can listen to the podcast through the next platforms: