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Newsletter 7 – Q3 2021

Like every September, a new school year begins in many schools and universities in Europe. This marks the beginning of a new “non-natural” year that will regulate the calendar of many of the daily activities that we develop. The BRIDGES project is also affected by this scholastic way of organizing time and this month we started the third and last year of the project, which will end in July 2022. We started the project at the end of 2019 and after a few months of work, we were surprised by a global pandemic that affected the development of and schedule of planned activities. Some had to be postponed, others became online activities and even today, when little by little it is returning to a more normal situation, we continue to organize the project’s actions with a huge degree of uncertainty.

In these past two years, we have developed a Toolkit with conceptual tools and activities, we have advanced in the creation of a Virtual Lab that will bring together all the results of the project and we have carried out a Summer Course that has served to test the BRIDGES Course, which will be available this fall. We have also organized an event to publicly present the Toolkit and have been able to carry out several transnational meetings of the entire Consortium. For this last year that begins, we have new challenges on the horizon as a project: Finish the BRIDGES Course that will be available online this fall; prepare a Monograph on Anti-racism in Higher Education that we hope to publish in spring 2022; publicly present the different results that we are achieving and organize a final project Conference in July 2022 in Barcelona, to conclude the project and show the results achieved. We have an intense course ahead! Stay tuned and do not miss any of the news or activities of the project!